The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple
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Uluwatu temple is precariously located at the point of sheer cliff on the island’s southern peninsula. It is one of the oldest and most important temples in Bali, one of the six original territorial temples on the island.

Travelers rave about Uluwatu Temple’s stunning cliff-side locale and beautiful architecture. This combination is rendered only more dramatic by the crashing of waves more than 200 feet below.

This sacred site is located about 15 miles south Kuta, along the southern coast of Bali which offers a dramatic sunset view from the cliff top. However, on the cliff adjacent to the temple, one of Bali’s most memorable Kecak Dance performance can be witnessed everyday on sunset that begins at 6 p.m. every evening. On the whole, tourists really enjoy this cultural display and don’t mind paying the extra IDR 100,000 to watch. Bellow the temple is a large sea cave and Suluban Beach, one of the most famous surf spots on the island.

The Fact About Uluwatu Temple

  • Admission is IDR 15.000/person.
  • To watch Kecak Fire dance show, ticket is another extra IDR 100.000.
  • The monkeys around the temple are the most wild, aggressive and dangerest monkeys in Bali, they snatch up purses and glasses from unsuspecting travelers. So be very careful with all your belongings and stay away from them.
  • Best time to visit is during around 4 pm where you can seeing around the temple complex while waiting for sunset and Kecak dance show on cliff side.

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The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple

The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple
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“I could have stayed here forever 💛 Watching as the sky change color over the seaside temple in Uluwatu” @alexandra_carson

Kecak Dance at The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple
Kecak Dance at The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple
Kecak Dance at The Majestic of Uluwatu Temple

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