In the middle of rice fields and surrounded by jade green hills, Tirta Gangga nestles peacefully and timelessly. Tirta Gangga is a royal water garden of the Karangasem royal family consisting a fabled maze of spine-tingling, cold bathing pools and basin, spouts, tiered pagoda fountain, stone carvings and lush gardens showcasing a blend of Chinese and Balinese architecture.
The watergarden was constructed in 1948 on the initiative of the King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Before the water garden was constructed, the spring was already there, which was used by the people to fulfill their basic needs for water but also it was believed to be sacred water to purify any bad energy around the area.Taking a relaxing walk or dipping your feet into the cold water is as enjoyable as taking some snapshots of the picturesque scene.
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A Beautiful of Tirta Gangga Water Garden
A Beautiful day at the royal water garden of Tirta Gangga
Feeding Big koi fish at the beautiful of Tirta Gangga Water Garden
“Made it back to this special place 3 years later, happy to report it’s still just as gorgeous as I remember” @katerinastavreva
A Beautiful morning at Tirta Gangga Water Garden


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