Kanto Lampo Waterfall, A Hidden Beauty of Nature

Image by @wzylouisey

The Best Adventure of The Day by @wzylouisey

Kanto Lampo located in Beng Village in Gianyar. Walking down to get a full view of the waterfall is easy access. All you have to do is climb down the eight-meter rocky cliff. They have a safe railing, so you can hold on to that. While Kanto Lampo is not the biggest, nor the tallest or the most mind-blowing, it’s still unique in its own right. The water flows through multi-tiered rocky steps, which makes it visually more abstract and festive. The water is shallow, but it’s clear and cool enough to swim in. One of the beautiful waterfal you can find if you stay near Ubud.

More info about Kanto Lampo Waterfall please visit : https://amazingbaliguide.com/2017/08/05/kanto-lampo-waterfall/

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