Atuh is the most developed of the beaches on Nusa Penida. But fear not, developed on this incredible island doesn’t mean much more than a set of steps, a couple of small warungs (beach hut restaurants) and a dozen sun loungers.

This white sandy beach offers a dramatic vista of the steep cliffs and some insane rock formations in the water. The snorkelling ain’t half bad either.

Good to know:

You should brace yourself for another slightly treacherous scooter ride to reach Atuh beach. However, there are a few signposts to keep you on course which is helpful.

It’s possible to rent lounge chairs and buy coconuts, drinks and nasi goreng for just a few dollars from the few small vendors on the beach. Check the tide times before heading along to Atuh Beach – low tide here is very low so it’s best to visit at mid/high tide.

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